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This video was a weekend event at Sew Fair in Ellicott City Sew Vac Located in Normandy Shopping Center

Address: 8480 Baltimore National Pike, Ellicott City, MD 21043

This video runs about 1 hour 13 minutes and it covers Free-Motion-Quilting.  I show my methods of quilting feather and filler patterns on a sit-down longarm sewing machine and a sit-down domestic sewing machine. 

I  presented Free Motion Quilting each of the patterns and projects shown in the gallery below during this video.   

Beige Runner
Fabulous Fillers
Feathers and Spines
Red Runner
Aqua Runner
Champagne Quilt
Fantastic Feathers
Champagne Closeup
Tornado Swirls
Quilters Grip Regulator
Quilters Grip
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Tornado Swirls