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Welcome to the Gallery Art Quilt Page.  This page contains the Art Quilts I have created over the years in my quilting journey that have travelled to Quilt Shows, been published in books or sold to collectors.


 From the first time I fell in love with quilts I saw them as art.  Design, color, pattern, like a painting or puzzle was entirely up to me to formulate.  Cutting up fabric, each with its own personality and sewing it back together with other fabrics into a new form fascinated me.  I was hooked!!!


I continually experimented with new ways to make fabric “talk” trying unusual combinations of other “non-quilt” fabrics, with each quilt completely different from the previous one.  I studied many different ways of working with fabric, often just by experimenting or taking online classes in fiber arts from around the world.   For years I dyed my own fabrics in order to have what I needed but couldn’t find in the quilt shops at the time.  Many of the quilts shown here were created with my own dyed fabrics.  I began to  exhibit and sell my art quilts in local, regional and national juried quilt competitions and shows with several awards and publishing opportunities in magazines and calendars.  For more information about that go to the About Me page on this website and click on "Publications and Awards."  


As the craft of quilting has become much more popular, fabric companies and all the other related supplies we need, like thread, scissors, battings, etc. have given us huge varieties of everything we need to produce whatever style of quilt we can dream up. I don’t need to dye fabric anymore because there  is such a range of beautiful and top quality fabrics available to us now.  


The quilt sizes are posted below each picture – are either very large or very small.  The small ones were studies to learn a new technique on a small project, before embarking on a larger one.  If I take the time to experiment and make a mistake, it is only an 8 ½” x 11” mistake, rather than a 6-foot mistake that a full-size quilt would be!  



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