I have been creating quilts for 33 years and teaching quilting courses for 25 years. I have exhibited my art quilts in local, regional and national juried quilt competitions and shows with several awards and publishing opportunities in magazines, books and calendars.

I have been teaching quilting and fiber art in local quilt shops, Adult Education courses, Quilting Guilds, Artist-In-Residencies in local schools and was an Adjunct Instructor in the Fine Arts department at The University of Valley Forge in southeast Pennsylvania for 6 years. I have also been an Educator for the sewing industry for several major sewing companies.

Over the years I did a lot of experimentation with unusual fabrics and other methods in my Art Quilts.  Those can be viewed on the Gallery Art Quilts page.  I also worked with a team to create a set of tools to make free-motion quilting easier, especially for people who have hand or arm issues when sewing and quilting.  These will be available soon. 


I am finally ready to part with some of my Fabric Art in my Etsy Shop, created in my studio with my quilting, felting and embroidery machines.   Click the link in my header to go there and check them out.  


Instructions, tips and videos are coming soon as well for each subject listed in the buttons - patchwork, applique, free-motion, rulerwork, needle felting, embroidery, art quilting.  

Enjoy this site and contact me if you have any questions.


Linda Hall

Artist Statement/Biography
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